Fiber laser marking machine

When you just received a new laser engraving machine, how to install it?
  1. Unpack the package and put the machine in a suitable place.
  2. Install the mechanical device, the column of the marking machine and the light path box.
  3. Install the electrical part, connect the power supply, foot switch, and rotating shaft.
  4. Power on the machine (make sure the voltage required by the machine is the same as the local voltage).
  5. Power on the circuit breaker, press the red, scan, and laser three buttons (make sure the emergency stop button is not pressed), if everything is normal, the three indicator lights will light up. Our installation is complete.
After Installing The Fiber Laser Engraving Machine, What Inspections Do We Need To Do?
  1. Remove the cover from the field lens
  2. Open the EZCAD operating software on the desktop.
  3. Adjust the focus.
  4. Test whether the marking size is accurate.
  5. Test the rotary shaft for proper operation.

After these tests are done, congratulations to you,  you can start using this machine now.

What is the reason why the laser marking machine does not emit light?
  1. Firstly, check the parameter configuration of EZcad software.
  2. Check that all cables are not loose or disconnected.
  3. If there are no problems with the parameters and cables, it is likely that the laser source is broken.
  4. If you have another laser source on hand, you can try replacing them.
  5. Our laser source is broken, and we provide a three-year warranty to replace it with a new one for you.
  6. For more information, please check:
What is the training process of general fiber laser engraving machine?
  1. Assembly of fiber laser engraving machine.
  2. The startup and shutdown process of the fiber laser engraving machine.
  3. Fiber laser engraving machine driver installation, and software installation.
  4. What is the adjustment and function of the red light indicator of the fiber laser engraving machine?
  5. How to find the marking focus distance of the fiber laser engraving machine?
  6. How to use a laser engraving machine to mark for the first time? Click Here for the Video.
  7. How to typeset the marking graphics?
  8. How to mark bitmap (photo) files?
  9. How to use the rotation axis?
What are the precautions for daily maintenance of fiber laser engraving machine?
  • Fiber laser engraving basically requires no maintenance.
  • One thing to remind you is that every time you finish using the machine, cover the field lens with a cover. If there is dust on the field lens, the marking effect will deteriorate.

Fiber laser welding machine

If there is a fault inside the Raycus laser, how to clear it?



If your handheld laser welding machine frequently burns out the spring-loaded sealing ring, what is the cause? How to solve it?
  • This phenomenon is generally caused by the abnormal swing of the motor causing the light to hit the sealing ring or other surrounding components. Why does the motor swing abnormally? There are internal and external reasons.
  • External reasons are generally: unstable voltage, poor voltage waveform quality, equipment that is not grounded or grounding quality is poor.
    There may also be internal reasons: the motor swings abnormally, the signal line has poor contact, or the drive board has poor contact.
  • How to solve: The customer must first eliminate external causes. If the phenomenon is not solved after eliminating external causes, we will replace the motor, drive board and signal line for the customer.
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