our company's after-sales service process

1. Receiving requests
Receive repair requests with a positive attitude and good image;
2. clarifying the problem
Actively communicate with customers to collect and clarify the real problem with the product.
3. In-depth problem analysis
In-depth problem analysis with our engineers to further understand the real cause of the problem.
4. Shipping costs
For spare parts that need to be sent back to China, the customer needs to bear all of the shipping costs. Our company pays repair costs, local transportation costs, and local clearance customs costs.
5. Sending the parts
After clarifying the problem and discussing the details, arrange to send spare parts to customers, track logistics information, and assist customers in installation and use.
6. Guide installation and commissioning
After the customer receives the accessories, we will discuss how to install the accessories and debug the machine with the customer through video or telephone.
7. After-sales return visit
After-sales return visit to confirm whether the expected satisfactory results are achieved.
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