robotic laser welding machine

Robot Laser Welding machine

  • Yaskawa robot laser welding machine
  • robot laser welding machine
  • robotic fiber laser welding machine
  • yaskawa laser welding machine
  • Yaskawa robot laser welding machine
  • robot laser welding machine
  • robotic fiber laser welding machine
  • yaskawa laser welding machine

Robot Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding robot is formed by installing laser welding equipment on robot joints. It is widely used in various fields of metal welding.

Robot Laser Welding Machine Workstation Features

  • The wobble swing welding head is optional and has the function of light spot swing. While the light spot moves along the preset path of the robot,
  • It can swing on both sides of the track center according to the programmed figure to improve the adaptability of the weld gap.
  • Through the stirring of the light spot in the welding pool, the defects such as pores in the weld can be effectively reduced,
  • Compared with an ordinary single lens, the welding of aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals has been improved significantly, and the weld seam is more smooth and more beautiful.

Comparison between laser welding and other welding methods

Welding method Heat affected zone thermal deformation Weld quality Whether to feed Welding environment Welding efficiency
Laser welding less less preferably no No special requirements Fast
Brazing commonly commonly commonly yes Overall heating is required Fast
Argon arc welding more more commonly yes Electrode required Slow
Resistance welding more more commonly no Electrode required Fast
Electron beam welding less less preferably no vacuum commonly
Ultrasonic welding less less commonly no Need to make mold Fast
Gas shielded welding large large commonly yes Cut required commonly
  • Robot workstation with flexible tooling platform
    It can meet the requirements of precision rice gold, kitchenware, and bathroom, advertising decoration, etc.
    Diversified processing needs of various customized processing industries.
    No need to input special tooling.


  • High efficiency, precision, and quality of welding effect
    High-efficiency, high-precision, and high-quality welding effect of robot workstation.
    Exquisite laser welding technology solves various metal welding problems
    Completely get rid of the dependence on labor and greatly reduce the polishing and other post-processing processes, increase production, quality, efficiency, and cost
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Core Parts of robot laser welding machine

A typical SHFULAI robot laser welding machine is composed of a robot unit, laser source, laser welding head, water cooler, control system and flexible workbench. Some users will configure positioner or guide rail.

yaskawa robot
  • A world-class robot brand built to last for years.
  • High-precision robot welding trajectories can be achieved.
  • The teaching pendant is simple and easy to operate.
  • The laser integrates multiple functions into one, reducing user costs.
  • It can achieve hundreds of thousands of beam switching.
  • Equipped with safe mechanical, electrical, and monitoring systems.
robot laser welding head
  • The X and Y dual-axis swings and  8 patterns can be switched freely.
  • The large-screen operating system is easy to operate.
  • Water cooling design makes it work for a long time.
wire feeder
Welding Wire Feeder
water chiller
Water Cooler
working bench
Flexible Workbench
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Robot Laser Welding Different Materials

Laser welding stainless steel
Robotic Laser Welding Stainless Steel
Laser welding carbon steel
Robotic Laser Welding Carbon Steel
Laser welding Aluminum
Robotic Laser Welding Aluminum
Laser welding Aluminum profile
Robot Laser Welding Aluminum Profile
Laser welding galvanized sheet
Robotic Laser Welding Galvanized Sheet
copper welding
Robotic Laser Welding Copper Welding
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Robot Laser Welding Machine Optional Accessories

The optional accessories of robot laser welding machine usually include positioner, guide rail, compressor, and voltage stabilizer.

Advantages of laser welding

Low Operating Costs

There are few wearing parts and consumables, Save operating costs

High Safety Protection

Safety protection zone can be established, Ensure personnel safety

High Operational Flexibility

It can weld any non-standard products

High Equipment Stability

The service life of the equipment can exceed 15 years for safe use

Good Welding Quality

Robotic laser welding is characterized by high precision, firmness, and efficiency. It achieves high-quality welding results. The welds are strong and almost flawless, not only high in strength but also beautiful. This welding method does not require post-processing, reduces labor costs and labor intensity, greatly improves production efficiency, and saves production costs.

beautiful welding seam
training laser welding machine

Training Services

We provide customers with at least 7 days of training at the customer’s workshop, which will ensure that customers can really use the machine. We will also give customers video operations and documents. Once our customers forget how to operate, they can read and check at any time.

High Level Automatic Welding

Robotic laser welding has a high level of automation, which not only significantly improves production efficiency and reduces manual intervention, but also enables precise operations in various complex environments. Robotic laser welding can reduce worker labor intensity, save a lot of costs, and optimize the production process, greatly Improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.

automatic laser welding

Robot Laser Welding Machine Details

Device model RLW 2/3/6/10kw
Rated laser power 2kw, 3kw, 6kw, 10kw
Laser wavelength 1080±5nm
optical fiber Standard
Operating mode Continuous / Modulation
Processing capacity View robot parameters
welding speed 0~40mm/s (varies with specific requirements)
Adapted Penetration 0.5~2.5mm (varies with specific requirements)
adaptation gap ≤0.2mm (varies with specific requirements)
Repeatability ±0.04mm
Processing range See “Robot Motion Range” section for details
Environmental requirements
cooling method water cooling
Working temperature 10~40℃
working environment humidity 10~85%
Power Supply
Phase 3PH + PE
Power supply-rated voltage 380V
frequency 50Hz
Total power protection level IP54

How about laser power? Our table is for reference only, the specific situation is subject to the actual project.

Laser source Power Material-Iron Material-galvanized sheet Material-Stainless Steel Material-Aluminum Material-Copper
Thickness-1mm 2kw 2kw 2kw 2kw 3kw
Thickness-2mm 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw
Thickness-3mm 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw/6kw 6kw
Thickness-4mm 3kw/6kw 3kw/6kw 3kw/6kw 3kw/6kw 6kw
Thickness-5mm 6kw 6kw 6kw 6kw/10kw 6kw/10kw
Thickness-6mm 6kw/10kw 6kw/10kw 6kw/10kw 6kw/10kw 6kw/10kw
How to choose the right robot laser welding machine?

1. Let us know about your working industry.

2. Let us know the material of your workpiece.

3. Let us know the thickness of the sheet.

4. It is best to provide drawings or photos of the workpiece.

What are the methods of robot laser welding?

laser welding types

What are the factors that affect the effect of robot laser welding?
  • The main factor is clearance. If the gap is too large, the gap is not easy to sew. The gap is too small and the surface is easy to bulge.
  • Another is the splicing method of two metal plates.
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