Automatic Laser Welding Machine
Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Laser Welding Machine

  • Equipped with precision visual positioning system for machining process
  • Can weld equal-diameter pipes, deformed pipes, semi-finished pipes, small format plane instruments
  • It can process 316L, Ni-Ti, Ti, Al, Cu, and other metal materials
  • Automatic clamping system of diversified combined precision pipe
  • Open ECAD and laser processing CAM software
Specifications /Models ALW-1000 ALW-1500 ALW-2000 ALW-3000
Max Output Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Laser Wavelength 1080±10nm
Welding Thickness 0.3-3.0mm 0.3-4.5mm 0.3-6.5mm 0.3-8.0mm
Indicator Light Red Light
Voltage 220V±20V 220V±20V 380V±20V 380V±20V
Cooling Method Water cooling
Max Air Pressure 10 Bar
Total Power 9 Kw 11 Kw 13 Kw 16 Kw
Working Model Continuous / Modulation
Working Humidity <70
Operating Temperature 10-40℃
Machine Size 1600*1610*1650mm
Machine Weight 200 Kg
Laser welding sample 4

Small Welding Spot

Small welding spot:<100um

High Welding Accuracy

Radial runout of tubular instruments in rotating motion<5um

Laser welding sample 3
Laser welding sample 1

Good Welding Quality

Smooth weld surface, no obvious deformation, bumps, pits, discoloration, good stability

High Processing Efficiency

Pipe pneumatic control automatic clamping, compatible with automatic pipe loading and unloading system

Laser welding sample 2
How To Choose Automatic Laser Welding Machine?

1. We need to know the application field and process requirements of welding.
2. We need to know the size and thickness of the workpiece. It is better to provide drawings.
3. We arrange to make samples, and customers will consider purchasing after acceptance.

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