Fiber Laser Engraving Machines

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  • SHUFLAI product sample1
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Key Benefits of Fiber Laser Engravers

  • Fast marking speed, good consistency, high reliability.
  • Produces a high-contrast, precise,permanent mark.
  • Easy to design and operate through computers.
  • Built-in air cooling, almost no maintenance required.
  • Long service life (100,000 hours).
  • Non-toxic and harmless, green and pollution-free.

Choose the Right Fiber Laser Engraver

SHFULAI Fiber Laser Engravers is your solution for marking all types of metals and certain plastics.We offer desktop engravers, handheld engravers ,colorful engravers, 3D engravers,enclosed engravers and flying engravers.

With our engravers you can easily mark metal with bar-codes, brand logos, text and graphics, or engrave metal items such as name plate ,watch,and jewelry.Our fiber engravers are widely used for metal engraving and certain hard plastic marking such as phone cell,animal ear tag,etc.

How does a fiber laser engraver work?

The fiber laser engraver uses the beam emitted by the fiber laser. After the reflection of the galvanometer and the refraction of the field mirror, the beam is irradiated on the surface of the object, and the surface of the object is evaporated by high heat to form a permanent mark.Fiber laser engravers can engrave text, graphics, various bar-codes, and so on.

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Product By Features

According to different applications, we offer different laser engraver  models. Please choose the right products according to the demand.

shfulai Desktop laser marking machine

This is the most popular style, it is easy to mark large workpieces, does not require a separate table, and is relatively affordable.

shfulai Small laser marking machine

This style is small in size and requires less space, so it is easy to place on the existing desk in the work office or home office.

shfulai Mini laser engraving machine

This style machine can prevent radiation, protect eyes, especially children, and is widely used in the education industry.

portable laser engraver

This style of marking machine is the smallest in size, it is the best choice for marking small workpieces, and is suitable for occasions that are frequently transported.

shfulai Flying laser marking machine

Flying marking is to uses a laser to process objects on the production line. This processing method greatly improves the processing efficiency.


Color Laser Engraver can produce various effects and are suitable for many materials. It can make color marking on stainless steel, and mark the anodized aluminum with black marks

shfulai 3D laser engraving machine

3D laser marking is a laser surface concave processing method. The surface flatness requirements of 3D marking on the processed object have been greatly reduced, and the processing effects are more abundant and efficient.

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Standard accessories

SHUFLAI Standard parts1
Raycus Laser Source
SHUFLAI Standard parts2
BJJCZ Control card
SHUFLAI Standard parts3
Sino-Galvo Galvometer
SHUFLAI Standard parts4
WaveLength Field Length
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Optional accessories

Red Light Indicator
SHUFLAI optional parts2
Rotating Shaft
Electric Lifting
SHUFLAI optional parts5
Siemens Electrical Parts
SHUFLAI optional parts6
Two Dimensional Table
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Products by Power

Laser marking machines with different powers can perform different tasks. The powers of our commonly used laser marking machines are 20w, 30w, 50w and 100w. The pictures below provide a reference for choosing the power of laser marking machines.

  • SHUFLAI product 20w

    20w laser marking machine can mark metal and some non-metallic materials at high speed.

  • SHUFLAI product 30w
    30W Fiber Laser Engraver

    30w laser marking machine can mark at high speed, but also can carry out deep engraving of metal.

  • SHUFLAI product 50w
    50W Fiber Laser Engraver

    50w laser marking machine can be high speed marking and efficient engraving, it and can be on the sheet for cutting.

  • SHUFLAI product 100w
    100W Fiber Laser Engraver

    The 100w laser marking machine can mark, carve and cut thin sheets very efficiently.

The Features Of Fiber Laser Engraver

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long lifetime

Normally, fiber laser marking machine life can reach more than 10 years for working 24 hours per day.

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No maintenance cost

Marking machine in the whole use process, no wearing parts, no maintenance costs, no consumables.

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Precision marking

Laser beam quality is very good, and high-definition, and it can be used in the field of ultra-fine marking.

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automatic processing

Laser marking machine can realize automatic coding, automatic printing serial number, batch number, date and so on.

Gallery and Specifications

Model DT-20/30/50/100W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser power 20W 30W 50W 100W
Repetition frequency 0-100KHz
Minimum line width 0.012mm
Marking range 100mm*100mm-300mm*300mm
Marking depth ≤0.4mm (by materials)
Marking speed ≤1000mm/s
Repeatability ±0.001mm
Power supply requirement 110V/220V/single-phase/50Hz/3A
Total Power 500W(power saving)
Cooling method Built-in air cooling
File format All font/fonts of WINDOWS operating system font library
Operating system Windows latest system win10 system
Computer Yes
Red laser target Yes


In response to the problems that our customers often encounter, we have made a summary, so that customers can quickly obtain the information and services we can provide.

How to choose a suitable Fiber Laser Engraver?

1. What material is the marking on, and what is the area of metal, non-metal, and marking? This is related to the selection of the lens and the power of the laser.

2. At present, the conventional marking area is 110/150/175/200/300. The larger the lens, the weaker the laser will be, so it is recommended to purchase a slightly higher-power laser.2. The depth and speed are required. The depth does not require time, and 20 watts can be satisfied. If you want to improve the efficiency, you have to increase the laser power. At present, the Fiber Laser Engraver has 20/30/50/70/100 watts optional. The price difference is also not small.

3. Static marking or dynamic, static is putting the workpiece under the laser marking machine, and taking it away after marking, dynamic is the assembly line or automated unmanned operation, the machine configuration is different, and the price is also different.

4. The working time of the machine, if the workload is small, it is recommended to purchase the general configuration. If the daily workload is more than 10 hours, it is recommended to purchase the slightly higher configuration.

What is the difference between Fiber Laser Engraver and CO2 laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and low power consumption, which is 1/10 of that of lamp-pumped solid-state laser marking machine, effectively saving energy consumption. The processing speed is fast, which is 2-3 times that of the traditional marking machine, and the operating life of the laser is up to 100,000 hours.

The carbon dioxide laser marking machine uses a gas laser with an infrared light band of 10.64 μm. The CO2 gas is charged into the high-voltage discharge tube to generate a glow discharge, so that the gas molecules emit laser light, and the laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam for material processing. The laser beam vaporizes the surface of the processed object to achieve the purpose of engraving.

How Long Can The Fiber Laser Engraver Be Used?

I believe everyone has heard of it! “The service life of the fiber laser marking machine is very long.” If you have some knowledge or cognition of laser marking machine, I believe everyone knows that the life of fiber laser marking machine is about 100,000 hours. Why is the life of fiber laser marking machine so long?

How long is 100,000 hours?

100000/24/365=11.416 years

That is to say, the service life of a fiber laser marking machine can reach about 11 years and 4 months.

What Are The Application Fields Of FFiber Laser Engraver?

Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, various auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and military affairs, etc. Field graphics and text marking, as well as high-volume production line jobs.

How To Order Fulai Fiber Laser Engraver?

Customers need to e-mail to our salesmen for technical communication, we will quote customers according to customer requirements, and provide free marking samples. After getting the customer’s satisfaction, you can place an order to us.

I Have More Questions About How To Use Fiber Laser Engraver, How Can I Solve It?

You can browse our RAQ page to find answers, Click Here for FAQ page

or submit your questions to contact us directly.

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