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SHFULAI Is A Professional Laser Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in China

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Laser equipment manufacturer and supplier

SHFULAI is a professional laser equipment manufacturer and exporter with 12 years experience.

Our laser equipment are mainly exported to Europe, America and Australia etc.

Our equipment have passed strict quality inspection before delivery.

Most of our laser equipment have a thee-year quality guarantee.

We provide one-to-one after-sales service to provide customers with worry-free solutions.

We supply the following laser equipment

Our products mainly include fiber laser cutting system, fiber laser engravers, laser welding series, laser cleaning machines and laser cladding machines.

Can SHFULAI provide all laser equipment?

SHFULAI is committed to the research and development and production of fiber laser equipment, including fiber laser marking machines, fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser welding machines, and the application of robots in the field of fiber laser.

How to choose a suitable laser equipment?

Just let us know enough about your application and production environment, so that we will make appropriate recommendations for you.

How to choose a power regulator for laser equipment?

We usually choose a voltage regulator with 5-6 times the power of the laser, or 3 times the power of the whole machine. This ensures that our equipment operates without worry.

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