Robotic Laser Cutting machine

Efficient, flexible, 3D cutting, easy to operate, and easy to use.

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  • robot-laser-cutting-machine1
  • robot-laser-cutting-machine2
  • robot-laser-cutting-machine3
  • robot-laser-cutting-machine4
  • robot-laser-cutting-machine5

Robot Laser Cutting Machine

The robot laser cutting machine is an efficient combination of a six-axis robot and a fiber laser. The product is equipped with a three-dimensional special anti-collision laser cutting head, which can realize curved track cutting on three-dimensional workpieces or special-shaped pipes, and can add multiple additional axes to achieve seven Axis, eight-axis linkage.

Robotic Laser Cutting Machine Features

Robotic laser cutting equipment has a low one-time investment, short payback period, small size, low energy consumption, and low maintenance requirements. Flexible programming can adapt to different product requirements and small-batch processing. With various installation methods (floor-mounted, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted), the working unit is compact, adaptable, and easy to integrate. Fully enclosed arm structure, easy to clean, suitable for harsh environments, strong structure, better dynamic performance.

  • Laser cutting speed is fast, which can greatly improve production efficiency and shorten the product production cycle.
  • The slit is narrow, the cutting quality is good, the material adaptability is good, and the product quality is improved.
  • The high degree of automation, and easy operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
  • There is no pollution during the processing and will not cause harm to the human body.
  • There is no “knife” wear during laser processing, and the service life is long, which reduces the cost of use for customers.
  • Laser processing has high reliability and strong stability, which can meet the needs of industrial mass production and processing.
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Main Parts

Our equipment adopts internationally renowned bands parts, which is a prerequisite to ensure the quality of our products, the following are the accessories brands we use.

shfulai Laser Cutting Robot

The main brands are ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, etc., with stable performance and global warranty.


Commonly used brands include Raycus, MAX, IPG, three-year warranty, safe and stable, efficient and safe.

shfulai Laser-Cutting-head

Dedicated to 3D, light and flexible; it also includes a servo system, which can be calibrated in real time and prevents magnetic field interference.

Anti-collision System

It can prevent the cutting head from being damaged when it is collided, protect the cutting head, and return to its position quickly.

SHFULAI Electrical Control Cabinet
Electrical Control Cabinet

Siemens, Schneider and other components are all well-known international brands.

Laser Cutting Software

Reduce the workload of operators and improve cutting accuracy.

Water Chiller

Well-known brands in the industry, dual temperature and dual control, better cooling effect, low consumables.

Air System

The use of SMC gas path accessories can realize real-time detection of air pressure, to meet the requirements of cutting gases for different materials.

Gantry Equipment

The SHFULAI gantry is firm and precise, and the flexible working platform is suitable for a variety of workpieces.

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Robot Laser Cutting Machine Classified By Power

1kw laser cutting machine
1kw Robot Laser Cutting Machine
1.5kw laser cutting machine
1.5kw Robot Laser Cutting Machine
2kw laser cutting machine
2kw Robot Laser Cutting Machine
3kw laser cutting machine
3kw Robot Laser Cutting Machine
4kw laser cutting machine
4kw Robot Laser Cutting Machine
6kw laser cutting machine
6kw Robot Laser Cutting Machine
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Application Field

Robotic laser cutting machine mainly cuts three-dimensional sheet metal workpieces or special-shaped pipe fittings, the cases are as follows

  • Car Sheet Metal

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  • 3D Lighting
    3D Lighting

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  • Shaped Pipe Fittings
    Shaped Pipe Fittings

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  • Elevator Escalator
    Elevator Escalator
  • Fitness Equipment
    Fitness Equipment
  • Electrical field
    Electrical field
  • Musical Instruments and Crafts
    Musical Instruments and Crafts
  • Home Appliances Bathroom
    Home Appliances Bathroom
  • Internal High-Pressure Pipe
    Internal High-Pressure Pipe

Stability of the Product

We attach great importance to the stability of the product. For this reason, we focus on optimizing the circuit, air circuit and cooling system, and all core components are selected from international or industry-renowned brands.


Strong Scalability

Our equipment has strong scalability in the later stage. We can add dust and smoke removal protection room, rotary table, mobile table, automatic tooling and other applicable configurations according to customer requirements, and can realize seven-axis and eight-axis linkage.

Cutting Head with an Anti-Collision System

Our 3D special cutting head is equipped with an anti-collision system as standard, and can quickly return to its position after a collision.


3D Laser Cutting System Software

For the high-precision control requirements of laser cutting, we optimized the motion program of the manipulator, and jointly developed the 3D laser cutting system software with FANUC.

Three-Dimensional Dedicated Servo System

We have developed a three-dimensional dedicated servo system, which can not only adjust the frequency, power, and duty cycle of the laser, but also has its own hierarchical perforation process, which is very convenient for adjusting the three-dimensional cutting process.

Cutting Head Features

Our 3D laser cutting head can be calibrated in real time and can resist magnetic field interference. These two functions greatly improve the stability of the cutting head and greatly reduce the number of calibrations.

Off-line Programming Software

Off-line programming software can be selected for customers, which greatly shortens the calibration time and improves production efficiency.

Lifetime Training Service

Our equipment is easy to operate, normal training can be started within a week, and we provide free lifetime training services.

The advantages of robotic laser cutting machine

High precision and high speed

Robotic laser cutting machines achieve high-precision cutting through precise control of the robot and the non-contact nature of laser cutting. The focusing ability of the laser beam and its high-speed cutting enables the robotic laser cutting machine to complete complex cutting tasks in a short time.

Flexibility and versatility

Robotic laser cutting machines have flexible robotic arms that can move freely in three-dimensional space and adapt to different shapes and sizes of workpieces. They can cut various materials such as metals, plastics, and wood, making them suitable for multiple industries and applications.

Automation and efficiency

Robotic laser cutting machines feature automation, allowing for programmed and preset process parameters to achieve automated cutting. This reduces manual intervention and operation time. They can be integrated with other production equipment to form automated production lines, enhancing production efficiency and capacity.

Non-contact cutting and pollution-free

Robotic laser cutting machines employ non-contact laser cutting technology, eliminating the need for direct contact with the workpiece surface and reducing damage and wear on cutting tools. Additionally, the laser cutting process produces no cutting chips, dust, or harmful gases, thereby reducing environmental pollution and cleanup efforts.

Flexible design and quick adjustments

Robotic laser cutting machines offer flexible design capabilities, allowing for rapid adjustments and switching based on varying production needs. Through software control and programming, different shapes, sizes, and batch-cutting tasks can be easily accomplished.

Robotic Laser Cutting Machine Specification

Robot fiber laser cutting machine
Model FL-1400 FL-1800 FL-2100
Laser generator type Raycus, Max, IPG
Laser wavelength 1070-1080nm
Spatial degree of freedom 6
Arm length (working radius) 1400mm 1800 2100
Positioning precision 0.1mm
Repeated positioning precision 0.05mm
Minimum line width 0.1mm
Aiming positioning Red dot
Cooling system Water cooling system
Control system ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc
Electrical parts Siemens or Schneider
Pneumatic parts SMC Japan SMC, Taiwan Airtech
Lubrication method Manual oil injection
Bearing NSK
mounting type Floor-type Wall hanging Suspension type Floor-type Wall hanging Suspension type Floor-type Wall hanging Suspension type
Available laser power 1kw, 1.5kw, 2kw, 4kw, 6kw

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