Shanghai Fulai Industry (SHFULAI) was established in 2012 and is located in Shanghai. The new factory is located in Shandong Province.

We are a high-tech company focusing on R&D, production and sales of laser  equipment for various industries. Products mainly include fiber laser cutting system, fiber laser engravers, laser welding series, laser cleaning machines and laser cladding machines.


Our mission is to reach the highest level in the field of fiber laser equipment production and become a great enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales.

We will continue to improve production and R&D capabilities, and reduce business operating costs to ensure high product reliability and low operating costs.

We strive to be the industry leader and provide the best quality solutions to our global customers.


Providing customers with better products and services” is our core value.  We always practice our value from the perspective of users. Meet customer needs, exceed customer needs, and provide customers with high-quality products and services.

We insist on “a small step forward every day, a big step forward in the future“. We don’t aspire to instant riches or one-shot miracles. We insist on making good products with high quality and low price. Adhere to low profit and high standard service.



Create value for our customers

We are  customer obsessed and keep improving ourselves to create more value for customers.

Business Owners: Reduce our margin and optimize our processes to reduce cost for customers.

Purchasing Manager: Optimize the transportation process, simplify the operation mode, and simplify the documents.

Technical Engineer: Technical training is always our strong point. We will make videos of the operation instructions to facilitate technical engineers to learn at any time. We will also provide video guidance and online training for technical engineers.

Sales Manager: We will conduct product training and sales skill training for the salesmen of our agents, so that they can sell more machines and serve users better.

Machine Operator: We constantly optimize our products to make operators operate easily.

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